Iceland Express International 2007

What to do in Iceland?

If you have time to look around in Iceland, you have the choice of checking out Reykjavik, taking guided tours or renting a car. We especially recommend the Golden Circle tour and a tour to the Blue Lagoon.
Reykjavik Excursions organize tours from the tournament hotel.

Watch out for the weather in Iceland, though. The weather can change drastically in as short as 10 minutes and you should be prepared for everything. If you have a rain coat (an umbrella will do no good) and warm clothes, then you should be okay in most of the weather conditions. You can check the weather forcast at

When visiting Iceland you must try the warm and nice swimmingpools. The Committee for Sport and Leisure in Reykjavík operates 7 public swimming pools in Reykjavík. The basic operational unit is a swimming pool that is suitable for exercising, games, relaxing and for instruction. All the pools have hot tubs, a steam bath and/or sauna. In addition, some pools have specific activity areas for children with toddler pools and slides. Laugardalslaug is the closest swimmingpool to the tournament hall, aprox. 15 min walk. More informations about the pools can be found here.

If you intend to rent a car and drive around, you might want to take a look at the road conditions at If the roads are colored green, you should not have any problems. Be aware though that gravel roads in Iceland are hazardous for an untrained driver. If you are new to Icelandic gravel roads, be extremely careful and drive slowly and watch out for turns as they can be vicious.

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