Iceland Express International 2007

Invites you to:

Iceland International - a part of Reykjavík International Games
January 26th - January 29th 2017
Reykjavik, Iceland

Part of the Badminton Europe Circuit 2016/2017 and a World Ranking Tournament.

Download the invitation on PDF format.

Please note that closing date for entry is December 27th 2016.
No late entries will be accepted.

Entries must be sent to:
All entries must be made by using the BWF online entry system. Players can not be entered unless they already have a BWF ID-number.  In case you wish to enter players who do not have a BWF ID-number, please contact the BWF office well in advance of the tournament, so that the players concerned can get a BWF ID-number before the closing date of the tournament. No late entries will be accepted.

Entry fees
Singles 45 EURO per player and Doubles 65 EUROS per combination per event.
The entry fee must be paid at the same time as the entries are submitted.
The entry fee will not be refunded in the event of withdrawal.  Entering associations are responsible for paying the entry feed (in accordance with reg. 17.1)

Bank Information:(payment)
IBAN number: IS 49 0336 2600 0919 4301 6949 19
Swift code: ESJAISRE

Bank Adress:
Arion bank hf
108 Reykjavik

Umpire Invitation

Badminton Association of Iceland invites you to send an umpire to Iceland International 2017.  For further information click here.